April 29, 2016

Happy Arbor Day!

If you’re lucky enough to live in a neighborhood filled with trees, you probably already have an appreciation for Arbor Day whether you realize it or not. In the U.S., Arbor Day is celebrated on April 29th, and marks a day “in which individuals and groups are encouraged to plant and care for trees.”

The first U.S. Arbor Day took place in Nebraska City by J. Sterling Morton. On April 10th, 1872, approximately one million trees were planted in Nebraska. The day did not come to true national prominence until conservationists urged President Theodore Roosevelt to make a proclamation in 1907 that “the importance of trees and that forestry deserves to be taught in U.S. schools.”

Today, the Arbor Day Foundation provides a wealth of resources for those interested in carrying the tradition forward. In addition to a wide range of programs for getting involved, the Arbor Day Foundation website also provides resources to help you buy trees, identify America’s 250 most popular trees, and plant trees appropriate for your zip code. You can check out the official site here: www.arborday.org.

Trees are obviously vital to our environment and essential to maintaining a habitable planet, but did you know trees can also positively impact your real estate value? In some markets, mature oaks and other heirloom trees have increased property appraisals and positively impacted offers.

I hope you take some time this Arbor Day to plant a tree or at least enjoy the shade of the great outdoors. It is truly one of the great holidays for celebrating springtime.

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