March 27, 2015

What do I mean when I say “MLS”?

By Russellprisco (
[CC0], via Wikimedia Commons
Odds are you’ve spent a little time online searching for homes. After all, most home searches begin online. You may have even used a broker’s website or a site like Trulia or Zillow to help you browse listings.

But where does listing information come from?

March 20, 2015

Planning for Your First Vacation Home

By Haleybutlerhs (Own work)
With favorable interest rates still at hand, you may be considering the possibility of a vacation home. A vacation home can be an excellent investment, providing you with a tangible asset you can also enjoy when you want to take a little time off.

Here are some tips to keep in mind before you start your search for the ideal vacation home: 

March 13, 2015

Why you need a final walk-through

By Dalia.f.khalil (Own work)

When I’m representing buyers in a deal, I always like to be sure a "final walk-through" is included prior to closing. This is especially true in a market where desperate and less-than-reputable sellers may try and walk out with the fixtures. While that may sound a little extreme, the final walk-through can head-off conflict before closing.

March 6, 2015

Shopping local builds community. Here’s why.

By Caroline Culler (Wgreaves) (Own work)
As a real estate agent, one of my biggest concerns is ensuring that local real estate values continue to appreciate as neighborhoods improve, businesses grow, and people are able to sustain safe, prosperous relationships with their neighbors. There are many factors which contribute to this, but one of the most important steady investments you can make in your community is by shopping local, independent businesses.