February 12, 2016

Don’t Miss these 5 Moving Day Tips

Moving is often listed as one of life’s most stressful events, but there are a few things you can do to make the transition easier. While you probably know some of the basic tips such as having a garage sale before you move, labeling your boxes by room, and filing “change of address” forms with everyone, there are some less-common tips which can save you time, money, and moving-day headaches.

Here are 5 often overlooked moving tips to help make your move a smooth one:

  1. Measure doors at your destination and measure your large furniture. There’s no point in moving heavy, large objects if they won’t make it in the new house or condo. Find out what won’t fit and sell it before hand. You’ll save money on the move and the proceeds from the sale will help you purchase a more reasonably sized replacement piece.
  2. Check for parking permits. You may not realize it, but your destination might have parking rules and regulations which require you to file for permits for your moving truck. Sometimes these permits can take a week or two to secure, so don’t leave this for the last minute! There’s nothing worse than a moving truck with nowhere to park (or costly parking fines).
  3. Reserve your elevator. Moving into a high-rise condo or loft? You don’t get to wedge your sofa in the every-day elevator… you’ll need to use the freight elevator. The building may have rules for reserving the freight elevator, so check with the building in advance to make sure you have all the time and space you need.
  4. Find free boxes. If you’re on a DIY moving budget, you’ll want to save some cash by hunting down boxes. Here are some places to hunt: Friends and family, grocery stores, liquor stores, and bookstores and libraries. The boxes may be “broken down” already, but putting them back into box shape is a simple process of folding and taping. You can also move clothes in plastic garbage bags instead of wardrobe boxes, which tend to be expensive.
  5. Get moving company paperwork in advance. If you’re working with a mover, don’t get forced into signing a document on the day of the move. Ask for all of the contract information in advance and give yourself ample time to review it.

Preparation is key to a happy moving day. With the right amount of preparation and the help of friends, moving day can be a celebration, rather than a chore. If you’re thinking about making a big move soon, contact me for help selling your home or finding the right landing spot!

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