May 22, 2015

A Guide for Relocating with Your Pets

By Joshua T. Beck (Own work)
Moving is stressful. Organizing, packing, cleaning, scheduling… the number of tasks can seem overwhelming. One thing that makes the stress worthwhile is the idea that soon you’ll be settling into your new home.

But what about your pets? For them, moving is an extremely unsettling experience. While you know the big picture, your furry and feathered friends only see their world falling apart. This can result in stress-related behaviors or even illness. So how do you preserve your pets’ sanity during the change?

Here are some tips for moving with pets:

1. Pack gently and slowly. Nothing will stress out your animal more than a sudden uprooting of all they know. If possible, give yourself a long period of time to gradually box up your possessions. Whatever you do, leave your pets’ most cherished possessions and spaces untouched until the last moment.

2. Decide who will watch your pet during moving day. If you have a friend or new neighbor who is willing to pet-sit for you on moving day, take advantage of this opportunity. Preferably it will be someone your pet is familiar with. If all else falls through, consider using a service like to locate a pet sitter.

3. Introduce your pet to the destination beforehand. Sometimes on a final walk-through before closing you might be able to bring your pet over to the new house for a “sniff test” of the property. It’s not even a bad idea to let them mark a bush or two outside on the sly so that when they arrive after moving day, the destination won’t feel quite as foreign. Walk the new neighborhood with your dogs and introduce them to neighbors you see along the route.

4. Check your new house for pet hazards. This might include lawn chemicals, pest poisons, escape holes in the fencing, or other formerly ignored danger zones.

5. Update all your pets’ ID tags and/or chips. You’ll need your new contact information (including your new vet) on collars, etc. Some pets will try to find their way to an old house after a move, so make sure if they get lost they’ll be returned correctly.

I want the transition to be as smooth as possible for everyone in your family. If you’re looking to buy or sell soon, let me help you and your animal companions find your next home:

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