March 13, 2015

Why you need a final walk-through

By Dalia.f.khalil (Own work)

When I’m representing buyers in a deal, I always like to be sure a "final walk-through" is included prior to closing. This is especially true in a market where desperate and less-than-reputable sellers may try and walk out with the fixtures. While that may sound a little extreme, the final walk-through can head-off conflict before closing.

The final walk-through allows us to address common issues such as: 
  • If the current owner is on schedule to move out 
  • That the property is in the same condition it was when shown 
  • That any repairs required have been completed

In a best-case scenario, a final walk-through is also a good time to have the sellers explain details about the house that the buyer may need to know, especially tricky pool heaters, access to attics, funny light switches, and sprinkler timers.

The final walk-through also a great time to put together a list of companies who have serviced the house in the past.

I like to schedule final walk-throughs at least 4 - 7 days before closing, as this is often enough time to resolve any outstanding issues before paperwork must be signed. (The walk-through itself may happen within 24 hours of closing.)

I’m dedicated to protecting my clients from the beginning through the end of the home buying experience. If you want to work with someone who pays attention to the details, give me a call today: (352) 404-8960

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