September 19, 2014

Small Bathroom Tune-ups

Not everyone can afford a master bath with twin sinks, a palatial tub, and luxury dual-headed shower. Some of us (well, most of us!) have to contend with reality. Reality means compromises, and sometimes that compromise means a small bathroom.

But just because a bathroom is small doesn't mean it has to feel small. In fact, many small bathrooms can be transformed into much larger-feeling spaces simply by making some adjustments to design choices.

Here are some design tips for your small bathroom that don’t involve major renovations. If you’ve been living with a small bathroom, perhaps these tips will help you make the most of what you have until you decide it’s time to make the upgrade:

  1. Install a sink with open shelving underneath, or a narrow pedestal. A big, blocky cabinet under a sink may provide storage, but visually it consumes a hunk of open space.
  2. Situate towel racks on the back of your door. Stylish towel bars stacked three high on the back of your door can eliminate the need for racks elsewhere in the bathroom, opening up more wall space. If your bathroom’s really small, these towels on the back of the door might not even be out of reach from inside the shower!
  3. Elevate shelving above the toilet tank. If you have shelves elsewhere, but the space above your toilet tank is empty, consider relocating high shelving to above the “dead space” behind the toilet. Consolidating this used space into a single area can broaden out the rest of the bathroom.
  4. Go high with wall cubes. Cubbie or cubes situated overhead can be an effective way to move the clutter of storage above eye level. There are companies who make these wall-mounted, moisture-resistant cube shelves in a variety of styles.
  5. Recess some lighting. You may not multiple light sources in your small bathroom, but if you can “hide” some of your lighting in recessed areas, particularly above the shower, you can reduce the “noise” of big fixtures.

Look on the bright side: At least a small bathroom means less to clean! If these design tips aren't enough to open up your small bathroom, perhaps it’s time to upgrade to that bathroom of your dreams... let me help you find your next home today:

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