October 10, 2013

The Benefits of Buying New

There are so many great reasons to buy a new home! 

You get to choose everything! -The floor plan, colors, appliances, and fixtures- You will likely have an extensive home warranty to cover anything that goes wrong - and you can rest assured you aren't buying someone else's problem.

Maybe you think that all new homes look alike. More recently, home builders and new home communities are being designed to have some of the character, charm and variety of older, established neighborhoods.

 Maybe you assume that new construction is more expensive than resale. In reality, the costs are fairly comparable - and while resale prices can be influenced by a number of things (what the owner owes, the equity they need for their next home, or a 'too high' benchmark price in the neighborhood).

And maybe you've heard this before - Taxes on a new home are lower in the first 12-24 months than on a similarly valued resale home. (Property taxes for the current year are based on the value of your home in January of the previous year.)

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Original Article Provided by Zillow

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